See my CV (updated June 20, 2018)

Postdoctoral Researcher/Lecturer in Aquatic Chemistry at ETH Zürich, Switzerland

2016     Ph.D. – Environmental Science
Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

2007     B.A. – Geology-Biology (with honors)
Brown University, Providence, RI, United States

I am a wetlands ecologist and biogeochemist with an interest in the intersection between biodiversity and the cycling of greenhouse gases and nutrients.  I defended my dissertation: “The effects of organic matter amendments and migratory waterfowl on greenhouse gas and nutrient dynamics in managed coastal plain wetlands” and graduated with a PhD from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University in 2016 .

My unusual combination of birds and climate science stems from passions I developed at Brown University, where I wrote an honors thesis for my Geology-Biology degree on a Peru Margin paleoclimate reconstruction, and where I also founded the Brown Birding Club.


In between Brown and Duke I worked and traveled in three foreign continents: at the University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences in Scotland as a research assistant for the late Prof. Thomas J. Crowley; for the New South Wales office of The Wilderness Society as a Wilderness Defender Coordinator (fundraising coordinator) in Sydney, Australia; and as a volunteer and research project coordinator at La Hesperia Biological Station in the Pichincha province of Ecuador.


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