Instructor of Record

As instructor for the Biogeochemistry Practicum course at ETH Zurich, I designed and led the 3-week Aquatic Chemistry unit. A highlight for the students were field sampling campaigns to sections of the Aare River in central Switzerland.

Group shot Klingauer
Biogeochemistry Practicum course at Klingnauer Stausee in Aargau, Switzerland

An Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Instructional Fellowship allowed me to teach Biodiversity Issues and Field Methods, a course I designed, for twelve Duke University undergraduates in fall 2015. I utilized experiential learning methods and students spent a large portion of class time outdoors learning to identify and understand the biodiversity of Duke’s campus. I required all students generate a local biodiversity data set to answer a research question as part of a final project on a topic and dimension of biodiversity of the student’s choosing.

Biodiversity Issues and Field Methods class at Prairie Ridge Ecostation for Environmental Learning
Biodiversity Issues and Field Methods class at Prairie Ridge Ecostation for Environmental Learning

Teacher Assistant

Like many graduate students, I have spent several semesters as a teacher assistant.  My bailiwick has been Masters level courses in Wetlands Ecology and Management, and Wetland Restoration Ecology.  In addition to typical TA responsibilities, I have delivered guest lectures on the physiological adaptations of wetland organisms and on wetland fauna.


P1180170Over three summers I have recruited and mentored six high school students from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics for summer assistantships in the Duke University Wetland Center.  These students are among the brightest and most promising scientific minds of their North Carolina cohorts. By assisting with various projects in the lab and the field they gained valuable insight and experience into the field of environmental science and the research process.  All have gone on to pursue undergraduate degrees in science at research universities.

Environmental Educator

Outside of a formal classroom setting I have invested a prodigious amount of time into leading extracurricular and volunteer outdoor education events.  Since 2011 I have led more than 750 participants of all ages (4th grade through retirement) through wetlands and around nature preserves and wildlife refuges teaching wetland ecology and bird identification to my fellow graduate students, undergraduates, high school students, cubscouts and retirees.  I have led many of these outings in service to the Duke University Wetland Center, which is directed by my major professor, Curtis J. Richardson.  Many of the birding trips I have led for the Carolina Bird Club, the ornithological society for North and South Carolinas, for which I served as Vice President from 2013-2015.

Teaching Masters of Environmental Management students how to identify birds

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